Hey Everyone, Ok, so I deserted my blog for a few years now. I know…I’m horrible. I didn’t even think my webpage could still open but I guess here we are. I’m not here to make any promises about blogging constantly. I just remember how confused I was before starting at the Nigerian Law School so I’m putting some pointers out there for law students who are planning on starting at the Nigerian Law School, Bwari this May/June. So, I hope you find the information useful and please forward to your friends who need.
P.S.: This is not an official list, just some advice and pointers based on my own application process. *I am not liable for any steps left out or mistakes made on the basis of the pointers below*
A. APPLYING 1. Check the Nigerian Law School Website : .This has vital info:
– In particular, there is some information under the ‘Help’ section. Comb through it to find all the documents you are required to submit including:

  • Application Form which can be found online – fill and submit. Take notice of your application number and reference number, you’ll need them again.
  • The online application form (accompanied by the medical form) should be downloaded and printed. IT MUST BE NOTARISED BEFORE POSTING i.e. The content must be affirmed by a notary public/commissioner of Oaths. It cost me about £40 in the UK. It costs less than N1,000 (less than £4)  in Nigeria.
  • Copy of Degree Certificate & Academic Transcript: The originals are required, but you won’t have these if you’ve not graduated. Just get a copy of these from your institution that is somewhat legit. They won’t be expecting everyone to have graduated.
  • Copies of Forms B (If you’re a current student);  Copies of B1 & B2 (if you’re currently employed). I suggest printing out the relevant document and handing it over to the school/employer with an envelope that already has the correct posting address to make it easy for them to do the posting correctly.

The physical forms should be posted. I would advice having your own copy of these documents, you know..just in case.

2. Before submitting check with your friends also applying to ensure you haven’t missed out anything. Missing out a document in your original application or failing to do something you ought to can affect the status of your subsequent applications to Law School because the system doesn’t update quickly
4. Post with a reliable source e.g. DHL; UPS. Post sooner rather than later, give enough time before the deadline to allow for international posting. Some documents will have to be posted directly from your school or employer.
5. The medical form must be filled by a Doctor in a Nigerian GENERAL Hospital (as opposed to private Hospital). It’s advisable to know someone there instead of just showing up, or you may have to wait quite a while to be seen.
1. Arrive early to join the queue, if possible be in Abuja by the Night before registration . You don’t want to fall prey to delayed flights. Trust ME!
2. Ensure you have a copy of all your application documents; ID (e.g. Passport , Driver’s License); receipt & evidence of payment; evidence of acceptance/ offer letter; medical form; MANY passports photographs ( The more the merrier, but you should be fine with about 8-10).
3. If you may be staying in the Hostel, go with whoever you want to room with. It’s first come-first serve but they’d usually let you pick your room-mate if they’re there at the point of room allocation.
4. Once you’ve gotten accommodation, go check it out immediately to see what you need so you can make the relevant complaints, enquiries or purchases. You can always go and come back.
..That’s it for now. I intend to do a subsequent post for Lifestyle (Dressing, Living, Weather, Health..) & Academics – which is what I presume most of you really want to know about.
I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you have any questions..let me know in the comment section. I’ll be happy to help.
All the best at the Nigerian Law School, Prospective Zebras
Ms Johnson


  1. minikaefa says:

    Okay so this was super helpful thank you!! The new forms don’t have medicals attached to them though! And the nlsp site isn’t the one being used now, it’s the that has the new forms! Can u please write about off campus accommodations and how good or bad staying on campus is? How is the food situation? We were cooking isn’t allowed on campus? What about the light wahala? Lol, I know, lots of questions but I’m sure u understand how bad light wahala is in Nigeria! And how much is the fees? Looking forward to your next blog post!! This was so helpful!

    1. msevajohnson says:

      I’m really glad you found it helpful, thanks for the observations about the new website, I’ll effect necessary changes. Don’t worry, the 2nd post is coming up very soon about all things ‘living-in-law-school’. I’ll attempt to answer all your questions & if you have more, just let me know. 😉
      Ms Johnson

    2. msevajohnson says:

      Hey, Please have a look at the next blog post and see if it answers your questions, if you still have any, just let me know. 🙂
      Ms Johnson.

  2. Larisa says:

    Thank you I needed this lol! Getting into law school in june cant wait!!!

  3. ozavize says:

    Hey! thanks for this, it has been quite helpful. I am currently undergoing the application process, and i have a problem with the medical form requirement. I will not be in Nigeria till early June, and i need to submit the application before the end of this month so it’s impossible for me to get the medical form completed by a general hospital in Nigeria.
    Do you think an NHS hospital will suffice or is there another alternative?
    Anticipating your response. Thanks!

    1. msevajohnson says:

      I’m glad I could help. I’m not sure NHS will suffice. For the sake of the application, you can use NHS then rectify that by doing another medical examination at a Nigerian general hospital.
      Sorry for the late response.


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