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Hey Everyone,
So I’ve had quite a busy month. First I was in a stage play which went well, then my parents took us for like a family retreat in a surprise location I like To Call DUBZY (because I’m razz) . However, I’ll talk to you about it later. Just wanted to put up a poem I wrote quite sometime ago, maybe the beginning of this month or so.
Without Further Ado, here it is. (Its Quite Long, and I didn’t edit intentionally)
Please Comment…let me know what you think
Ms Johnson.
My Name Is ‘Me’,
And don’t bother saying “Oh, Nice to meet you”
Because my name isn’t ‘You’
It’s ‘Me’
I’m so irritable nowadays
I’ve lost most of my optimism
I used to call myself a people person, but now
I like people less & less
I’m good at pretending that it’s all good though.
I’m almost as weak as I am tough
I have lowered my moral standards
I condoned what I should despised
I’m more objective, I disagree with people more
I don’t trust myself enough, when deep down I know I have great ability
It seems I am afraid of my own greatness & talent
I feel like crying , I’m too strong to cry
I’m too open-minded, my mind is too closed
My heart is Cold
My soul is unfulfilled
My body aches
My friends are few
My acquaintances are abundant
My will is easily swayed
My spirit is tarnished with guilt
My mind is troubled with worry
My hips gyrate
My health is not sound
My brain spills over with information
My eyes are too exposed but my iris does not see enough
My lips are pursed
My speech is grandiose
Too much condoning, little love
Too much accepting, little giving
Too much wishing, little work
Too much confusion, little vision
Too much pretence, little integrity
Too much laziness, little proactiveness
Too much procrastination, little planning
Too much lying, little truth
Too much fear, little courage
Too much greed, little contentment
Too much emotion, little rationality
Too much happiness, little joy
Too much sin, little godliness
Too much money, little wealth
I know what you’re thinking, something about me is familiar
My rant reminds you of you, your brother, your sister?
So close to derangement, I just might hand my life over to Him to handle.
I am just trying it. I suggest you try it too.
My hands in God’s hands. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need it.
Too weak, but I hear in my weakness He is strong
Maybe It’s time he took over. I need to let go & let God
Ms JohnsonE.

8 thoughts on “Me & My Life

  1. obafuntay says:

    This hit me.
    Yes, this poem is definitely about “Me”.
    I’ll take your advice and hand Me to Him to handle.
    Thank you for writing all about Me, sharing this.
    God Bless you Oyinda.

  2. Saadiya says:

    Ah, I really like this poem and enjoyed reading it! It says some very truthful things!


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