Black History Month (BHM) 2 – Do You Know Me?

Hi again,
So here’s part 2 of the post. I forgot to say before, thanks to everyone that came to watch the speech, the spoken word or the dance I was involved in.
Also, thanks for the birthday wishes and gifts. I’m going to put up the poem now.  I hope you like it, or at least get it. I decided to call it: Do You Know Me?
Here’s a link, you can download and print it out and such, if you have drop box: Do You Know Me?-Ms Johnson
If you’re not nearly as keen, here it is all the same:

Black History Month

-Do You Know Me?

We’re in the UK
& that weather shii cray
So I’ve slipped a couple times today
But that’s ok
Weather is not the subject today.
Let’s focus on less sunny issues.
Do you know what it means to be Chinese
Walk alone and you won’t feel at ease
Never get a mere Ní hâo , except when they need help with Math
I study art & music but no one bothered to ask,
“How stereotypical?” I say in my mind
But deep down, I don’t really mind
So I go ahead & help anyway
I’m ecstatic for the little interaction any day
Even though… its momentary
& friendship is..well..a phenomenon that tarry
I am more things than my language or appearance
Do you know me? I am my likes, dislikes. I love culture
Do you understand what it means to be black
Thrown in a box & be thought to lack
Awareness, Intelligence, Leadership, Citizenship
Looked upon as a bad egg, as a black sheep, literally
Only relevant when they need to run a mile or move something heavy
Treated as identical with the other diverse billion of black people
It makes no sense, what on earth is wrong with people
I have never been to jail, I am more than my body,
my hair or skin colour
Do you know me? I am my hopes and insecurities. I love culture
Have you got it right what it means to be white
Do you think I am fickle, feeble minded
That I am artificial and perhaps suicidal
That I spend all my time on a tanning bed, with a drink in my hand or
That My legs are constantly spread.
That I practice subtle bigotry, that I am close-minded or greedy
Do you know me? I am my personality, pet peeves. I love culture.
If you do not know me; do not judge me.
I am not what you heard on the news. I am me.
I am not suggesting that give me one look and you fall in love
But I do pray thee, ‘walk in love’
Give respect & it will return to whom it is due
We are the same in that we are different.
Make the the most of the mosaic that you’re mostly mingled within.
In other words, be like me and love culture.
Ms JohnsonE.
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