Back In Naij

I’ve been feeling bad about not being haven posted anything since…well forever.
I got to Uni in Liverpool, but right now I’m home for the holidays in Nigeria. Oh, forgot to say I’m half Nigerian & half weirdo and very proud. Yes…Judge Me 😝😝
Anyway, so when I’m in Naij, except when I’m doing office work, the days I get most dressed up are Sundays. Right now I’m doing theatre related work; so I’ve decided to give you a look book of what I’ve worn each Sunday.
Oh! And a picture of the new car my parents got me. It’s A RED HONDA ELEMENT. Just the right size for me. I’m small & It’s Big..Loool. I love the car…and my driving is getting better. Thank God, 🙏. I’ve only been home a couple of weeks & I’ve bashed the Car once & then scratched it once, against some yellow cab guy who wasn’t very pleased.
I’m talking too much, let’s see the pictures. The first is of my Honda Element; then the 1st Sunday; then the 3rd Sunday. Wasn’t feeling vain on the 2nd Sunday *shrugs*
Much Love,
Ms Johnson.

1 thought on “Back In Naij

  1. obafuntay says:

    Proud Girl…. Hian!
    I can’t even drive yet x_x
    Oh, you look lovely in them pictures, there’s a particular cut in the third picture iLike, but I can’t mention 😉
    Update more often jhor :p
    Good to have you back home… Okay, I’m talking to much.


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